Management Mentoring

A leadership and management mentor  will build your skills ‘live’ after a training course, fill in specific knowledge gaps in a practical way and build your confidence in your skills to grow your business.This is not consultancy, which is where we come in and do a specific task for you. Rather, it is way of building your confidence in skills you can use again in the future.Imanageitbetter management mentoring is a programme that gives you 121 leadership and management mentoring and coaching from an expert. We will augment your own experience, providing support and input just where and when you need it. This is usually for individual managers, but can also cover management teams facing difficulties over specific issues, especially during times of change.

Imanageitbetter management mentoring will help you:

  • Understand the core management skills needed to lead a team successfully
  • Implement difficult changes
  • Recruit and retain key staff
  • Improve your communication and presentation skills
  • Manage customer and supplier relationships
  • Implement a new product or service
  • Streamline management processes
  • Manage key meetings
  • Facilitate difficult management discussions
  • Motivate yourself and your team
  • Increase your confidence and reduce your stress

We will ask objective questions about your situation, offer alternative solutions based on our experience, help you choose between these and your own ideas and motivate you to learn how to solve them yourself. We will help you put together an action plan, support you in taking the actions and guide you through and problems or changes that arise.

  • For Individual Managers, imanageitbetter management mentoring will help Managers understand the general and specific business Environment they are working in, and how to deliver results more effectively.
  • For Business Management teams, imanageitbetter management mentoring will facilitate you to reach a collective agreement more quickly over key business decisions, enabling you to achieve success more quickly.

imanageitbetter management mentoring will augment your own experience and provide support and guidance just when you need it. With wide personal experience of management and leadership, we provide you with direct suggestions based on that experience. We will help you take an objective view and keep you focussed on a successful outcome.

The imanageitbetter programme usually takes three months, during which time you have unlimited email and phone access to ask questions in addition to the programmed activities.

imanageitbetter management mentoring programme

(tailored for each person):

  1. An initial meeting looking at your leadership and management business skills and any immediate problem areas.
  2. Create an action plan that defines the detailed leadership and management programme.
  3. Three to six personal sessions looking at: direction (strategy, planning and leadership), communication (written and spoken), motivation (performance management, empowerment, organisation planning, job roles), delivery (customer management, project management), change management and innovation. We use templates and checklists for most of these that you keep. How much time we spend on each area depends on each person and organisation and their specific needs.
  4. Optional leadership and management training.
  5. Unlimited email and phone access to ask questions.
  6. A final review meeting to review success and determine what additional support (if any) is needed.

To find out more –
Email me more information about mentoring and coaching or call Jacqui Hogan on 01494 680997


Jacqui has that rarest of qualities – the ability to lead by example and make it look easy.” CB, Oracle System Engineer at BT Global Services

Jacqui is a good and valuable addition to any business team. She willing to work positively and reliably with a high level of energy and not little innovative thinking.” MK, MyCityBio for video bio service for professionals.