Technical Mentoring

Imanageitbetter technical mentoring is eight x two hour one to one sessions delivered by an experienced technical mentor usually over a period of  four to five months. Imanageitbetter technical mentor programme is designed to build your confidence in delivering a specific IT related assignment, IT project or overcoming a specific technology related management problem.Most businesses operate with IT in them somewhere. While using IT solutions like MS office is straightforward – developing solutions internally, managing the technical geniuses who integrate productivity tools or start sharing data across platforms, is not. Regardless of whether you do this with trusted internal staff or use an external supplier, managing them effectively is important to the future success of your organisation.In many organisations, there is an ‘understanding gap’ between how business works and what technology can do. Most people understand one or the other, but few understand both. We do. Cocreative will help you bridge this gap and enable you to become more successful as a result.A Technical Mentor will inspire you, encourage you, and help you become more motivated. They don’t tell you what to do, but will offer different personal approaches and a different perspective. They will give you support and encourage new thinking, enabling you to believe in yourself and achieve your goals and objectives successfully.

  • For Individual IT Managers, we will help you build greater confidence in your management abilities
  • For an IT team, we will facilitate them to achieve greater confidence as a team and as individuals.

Each advice assignment is unique, but is based on the following process:

  1. An initial meeting looking at your specific situation, project or immediate problem areas.
  2. Then create an action plan that defines the detailed programme needed
  3. Followed by three to six initial mentoring sessions. This is to establish rapport and achieve a quick win.
  4. Optional leadership and management training.
  5. Also included is unlimited email and phone access to ask questions.
  6. A final review meeting to review success and determine what additional support (if any) is needed.

A Technical Mentor can help you:

  • Build your skills ‘live’ after a management/business related training course
  • Build an effective technology/IT project initiation plan
  • Guide you through difficulties with your project implementation
  • Improve your communication of technical concepts to non technical people
  • Review your risks, mitigation and contingency planning
  • Plan an IT change programme
  • Explore innovation
  • Facilitate difficult management discussions
  • Motivate yourself and your team
  • Increase your confidence and reduce your stress

The Technical Mentor programme usually takes three to six months, during which time you have unlimited email and phone access to ask questions in addition to the programmed activities.

Email me more information about our Technical Mentor programme or call Jacqui Hogan on 01494 680997.