Mentoring workshop

Even if you have had management training, you may struggle to get the very best from your team, especially if they are highly technical or senior professionals.

Are you interested in challenging and helping someone to reach further? Are you willing to share your personal knowledge and experiences? Can you keep matters confidential? Are you a good listener and able to encourage others? Then you may be ready to become a management mentor.

Mentoring can help with more than just career progression. As a management mentor, you will help your team members to believe in themselves and boost their confidence.  People these days face many issues and may need help obtaining a specific skill or coping with a specific problem e.g. working with peers, coping with a difficult project etc.

The key to being a good mentor is listening actively and offering advice when requested but not telling the mentee what to do. You will be helping someone to raise their own self awareness, think about what they consider as important and focus upon the future. You will challenge and support the mentee as appropriate and  help them to take control and responsibility for their lives. A good management mentor will want to ensure that the mentee gains confidence and independence as a result of mentoring. A confident team member is someone who is operating at full power. And we all want that!

Our mentoring workshop covers not just the key elements of great mentoring, but also looks at the relevant personal effectiveness and people skills necessary for managers to mentor their team. We will identify the problem areas, enable you to learn from other managers and give you some basic ideas and tools to help YOU succeed as a management mentor. The mentoring workshop includes a practical scenario based exercise to help you practice and remember what you have learned.

Management mentoring workshop content:

  • Difference between management and mentoring
  • Mentoring benefits
  • Mentoring lifecycle
  • Mentoring process
  • Matching mentors and mentees
  • Handling conflicts of interest
  • Listening and empathy skills
  • Developmental goal setting
  • Practical mentoring exercises
  • Practical guidance on specific problem areas
  • How to set up and manage a mentoring programme (optional)

This is part of our management 2020 training programme that can be delivered as:

  • Internal training where we can tailor the workshop to your specific requirements
  • External training shared between several different organisations where you can benefit from other organisations experience

Email me more information about management mentoring workshop call Jacqui Hogan on 01494 680997