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eCollaboration – what is it?

Since first crawling out of the primordial slime and starting to walk on its hind legs, mankind has depended on collaboration for survival. Families, clans, tribes, corporations, cities, countries and international bodies like the UN all serve the purpose of, and are dependent upon, collaboration.  Almost everything we do depends on collaboration. Almost any system,…

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Who do you trust?

A few years ago, London became the greatest place on earth to be. Why, because we were hosts to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. As a London Ambassador volunteer manager, I was privileged to be part of it. I was based at Heathrow airport for three months and, it was while I was there that…

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Communication skills workshop

Good communication skills are a key element of business today. To do this, you need to engage well with your colleagues, team, customers and stakeholders to get your message across. Indeed, this is essential whether this is proposals, plans, budgets, recovery actions, self-defence or purely dissemination of information. Moreover, if you communicate well then you…

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