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IT Management Myths

Managing IT people is easy, right? If only! Although IT has now been with us for many years, we still have a number of misconceptions about how to manage it effectively. You may THINK you understand what IT people need, but you probably don’t understand as well as you could. How many of these Myths…

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Do you speak geek?

Jargon management – IT Speak IT Jargon? Almost all experts in every field have their own terms to describe what they do as a short cut to communication within their own expert group. Unfortunately, they often assume everyone else understands these terms, which they rarely do. No one will own up to it of course…

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How to manage your mentor

A good mentor can be invaluable in helping you to succeed – in business, in your career or to solve a particular problem. However, many people find themselves mentors who do not have training or experience in mentoring. I was at a mentoring event recently (I was the expert on the panel), and two different…

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